when he was studying interior design at the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silapakorn University, it occur to him that what he really wants to do is filmmaking, so he find himself working in music video, commercial film and feature film shooting during his studies.

until in 1992 he began working as music video director at G"MM' Grammy, for 7 years he has made music video for leading celebrities in Thailand including Mos Pratipan, Tata Young, Masha Watanapanich, Nut Myria, Peter Corpdirendol, Bo Sunita, Loso, etc.

in 1999 began working in the commercial film industry at Uppercut Co., Ltd. making "Nong Dum Dot Com" (black girl dot com) sarcastic word for dark skin girl from Pond's TVC a talk of the town for a long while and still a remembrance.

he also made YUM-YUM TVC series with Budogun band as presenter during his 4 years at Uppercut. in 2003 he joined Revoluzione Co., Ltd. for one year.

from 2004 he started to work as a freelance commercial film director domestically and internationally, making his mark in Asia Image magazine with his Pixy TVC for Kemistry Indonesia.

apart from making film, his next favourite is black & white photography.

usually traveling both domestic and international when he gets chances,

and that has made his wonderful photographs collections e.g. from New Zealand, Nepal, India, Czech & Slovak, England, France, Italy, Scotland, Kashmir, and of course, around Thailand.

interested to see his collections?

now he's working on www.netiphotography.com

go check it out!